The Rock Speaks

God is our Rock, our Refuge and Strength!

The Rock Speaks is a conversational Bible study which invites you to explore dust and sand, rocks and mountains through the word of God. Jesus calls you and me to trust in Him as our rock and salvation. 1 Corinthians 10:4: "All drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank from the spiritual Rock that followed them, and the Rock was Christ."

You don't need to be an agriculturalist to understand and grow as you study the words of Scripture. I draw from my experience living among rocks and soil journeying into how Jesus calls us into a deeper understanding of creation and salvation. 

Topics include: the breath of God breathing life into our lives, the precious thoughts of God toward us through the sand, drinking deeply from Christ our rock and faith to move mountains. 

Dust settles, but we won't settle for less than God has for us before we return to dust. --  Cindy Steinbeck

Dust settles, but we won't settle for less than God has for us before we return to dust. -- Cindy Steinbeck

“Our God is creative and his creation is good. Both descriptions also apply to this book! Its many illustrations, rooted in Scripture and drawn from the author’s experience, use the things of God’s good earth to teach practical and insightful lessons. Readers will learn much about our world, ourselves, and the Rock of our salvation who came down to this earth in order to redeem his creation and those formed from its dust.”
— Dr. Mike Middendorf, Professor of Theology, Concordia University, Irvine, CA
The Rock Speaks captivated me from the moment I began reading Cindy’s manuscript. With creativity, attention to Biblical detail, and a clear passion to guide self and others toward a closer relationship with Christ, Cindy Steinbeck takes the simplicity of a rock and, with unmatched clarity, connects it to the unwavering and sustaining truth expressed through earthen elements and the redeeming power of God in flesh. Cindy takes her readers on a journey from rocks to dust, to breath and life, to dust and life after. She covers topics from guilt, shame and mercy to faith, trust and obedience to help readers find renewed hope in God.

In the end, she offers this nugget: “Allow His word to work in the soil of your heart,” suggesting that ultimately we each must trust in Jesus as our ‘Rock’ to help us navigate the “messy” thing we call life. Her interwoven personal story gives witness and credence to the personal nature of our Triune God. I applaud Cindy for her work that is sure to be a difference maker in the lives of many.”
— An Endorsement for the Book: The Rock Speaks by Cindy Steinbeck, offered by Dr. Geneace Williams, Esq. In addition to serving as an Ordained Minister, Dr. Williams is the founder and president of OLW Communications, Inc., a management development organization offering expertise in Values Driven Leadership, Ethics and Strategy Development.

Deeply grounded in the earth and soil of the family vineyards the author follows the pattern of Jesus and makes strong practical and spiritual connections germane to everyday life. She has keen insights gained from her agricultural roots and relates them in a clear way to Biblical applications for the life of a Christian disciple. At the end of each chapter she poses germane and thoughtful questions for personal reflection and/or small group discussions. In terms of connecting with the reader she is transparent and honest in dealing with her own struggles and growing pains in her life as a Christian. The book is a quick read yet contains much nourishment for both mind and soul.
— Rev. Dr. Loren Kramer President Emeritus Pacific Southwest District of the Lutheran Church Missouri - Synod.