Cindy Steinbeck, M.A. 

Cindy Steinbeck, M.A. 


I am a branch of Christ, the True Vine, connected in an intimate way to the Vine and to all other branches of the vine. Each branch has a unique story - here's part of mine.  

I grew up in Paso Robles, CA, on our family grain and cattle ranch, the property now fondly known as Steinbeck Vineyards. I loved (and still love) outdoor life. My father instilled in me an appreciation for the soil and a passion for the land as we spent time farming together.

My story, filled with both blessing and pain, has turned into a message of God's healing work. This message is expressed through the vines and soil which kept me alive during the most challenging circumstances. From a survivor to one who thrives, I know the pain of trauma, separation, and divorce. I know God's work in me. The journey continues as I keep growing and healing; the journey continues as God works through me, through Voice In The Vineyard Ministries. 

It is with eyes of wonder that I couple my deep passion for the land with an even greater passion for Christ's word and work.